Institutional Visits

The Telangana Legislature introduced year round programme of school and college visits, exclusively for educational institutions. Through these visits, Students from various schools and colleges can get firsthand knowledge as to how the state Legislature functions. It will add to their understanding of the Parliamentary systems. The visit will include guide tour of the Telangana Legislative council, the Telangana Legislative assembly and the Legislature Library.

To request for a visit, the head of the Institution has to send a formal request on behalf of the Institution at the following address with details of the students, the teachers accompanying the group, and the proffered dates of visit. On confirmation of the arrangements, by the officials of the Legislature Secretariat, the Institution can plan the visit.

To request a visit, please write to...

Telangana Legislature Secretariat
Public Gardens,
Hyderabad-500 004,
Telangana State, India

Tel: +91 40 23232072
Fax: +91 40 23210408


Admission to Visitors Gallery

The general public, who ever interested to witness the proceedings of the Legislative Council or Legislative Assembly from the visitors gallery can requisition in the prescribed form during the meeting days of the Legislature.

Education Institutional Visits Form